The WEAR Conference is the preeminent wearable technology, smart textiles, material innovation, and consumer experience conference. At the upcoming event to be held June 12-14 in San Francisco, Mark Mordecai, our Director of Business Development, will present the Globe Wearable Advanced Sensor Platform – WASP™ – the world’s only commercial physiological monitoring and location tracking system dedicated to serving the critical needs of public safety personnel. As project lead since inception, he will discuss the challenges and successes surrounding this effort and speak to the gaps that remain in order for it to achieve its full potential for users and to become a viable business.

The leading cause of line of duty deaths for firefighters is cardiac events. Challenging environmental factors and a host of personal factors combine in complex ways, particularly during and after fire suppression, to trigger physiological responses that all too often lead to death or disability. And the biggest fear of firefighters is not fighting the fire; it’s being unable to locate and rescue a downed team member.

The WASP™ system tracks heart rate, heart rate variability, estimated core body temperature, respiration rate, activity levels, posture, and other physiological factors, as well as 3D location inside a building.

WEAR 2017 will specifically focus on the future of smart fabrics and wearable technology, with tours, workshops, and presentations about wearable apps, sustainability innovation, collaboration within the industry, fashion and technology, and the future of healthcare and connected medical devices. It is expected to draw over 300 attendees from adidas, IBM, Google, Lululemon, Nike, Amazon, and more.

Mark is also scheduled to present the Globe WASP™ system at Techtextil North America to be held June 20-22 in Chicago. He will discuss how the success of smart textile product is dependent on the product’s design intentions and ability to relate to the consumer’s needs and explore lessons learned in smart textile product design, particularly adding electronics into wearable textiles. Human factors, including sociology and comfort, will be discussed.

Techtextil North America is North America’s only dedicated show for technical textiles and nonwovens. The conference assembles all vertical aspects of the technical textile industry, from research and development, through raw materials and production processes and finally ending in conversion, further treatment and recycling. It will address market developments, technological information, new technical processes and products, as well as international industry trends.