As we get closer to 2017, many readers are making New Year’s resolutions. Maybe it is to exercise more, eat healthier, or take a training class. For firefighters, any of these resolutions could help you have a healthier, safer 2017, but the best resolutions are the ones you keep, and sometimes it is better to have a little more specificity.

In anticipation of the 2017 results from the Illinois Fire Service Institute Cardiovascular And Chemical Exposure Project, we’ve gathered five firefighter resolutions that you can take right now. We formed these resolutions using early research findings expressed at the June 2016 IFSI roundtable of fire service experts curated by Globe and

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Five Resolutions For Firefighters

1. Improve Decon (don’t forget your hands)
Decontamination of hands and proper hygiene can help you avoid accidental exposure to carcinogens through food or skin.
2. Prioritize cleanup of skin
While cleaning gear and equipment is important, cleaning your skin should take priority.
3. Wear SCBA
Utilize your protective equipment any time you may be exposed to smoke or fumes. Exposure happens on the fire ground even outside of a building.
4. Take personal responsibility
Change starts with you. Assume the responsibility and make health-conscious choices for yourself and your fellow firefighters.
5. Add “health” to Health & Safety
Seek out preventative care and opportunities for early screening and detection. Prepare your body to best face the risks associated with firefighting.

Need more ideas? Download The Impact of PPE on Firefighter Health and Safety guide here.