With so many excellent submissions to our Feets of Strength contest, it was difficult to choose the winners. From photos of firefighers who went above and beyond for their community to those who accomplished herculean feats in full gear, there was a lot to choose from. While all of the entries were worthy of a new pair of boots, ultimately we choose the following winners:

Athleticism Category Winner: Robert Verhelst
Photo Title: Fireman Rob Breaks Guinness World Record for Most Ironman 70.3 triathlons in one year (Wearing full gear for the run portions)

Description: “In 2015, I broke the Guinness world record for most Ironman 70.3 triathlons in one year with 23. I did ever run portion in full fire gear (air pack, turnout pants, jacket and helmet). I did this to inspire others to live their passions through action. It is about being the best you daily and impact lives through our positive actions and words. I live with a simple acronym of SMILE…meaning Simple Moments Impact Lives Everyday.”

Charity Category Winner: Eric Saucier
Photo Title: NFFF Stair Climb

Description: “Myself (middle) and two fellow brothers did the National Fallen Fire Fighter Stair climb in NYC this past October. It was a total of 2200 steps up and down the upper level at Citi field which equaled 110 stories. We did it in full gear in memory of all the men and women first responders who passes on 9/11 because some of them climbed 110 stores to try and help trapped victims. This was a great cause and I would do it again in a heart beat, and it was one of the most physically demanding things I’ve ever done and id do it again for such a great cause!”

Family Category Winner: April Suk
Photo Title: Unrivaled Civil Pride

Description: “John Lenart is one of the cornerstones of our small rural Fire Department. During Hurricane Sandy, when our department had only three members, he volunteered his personal chainsaws and pool pump on emergency calls to clear the road and pump out basements as the fire department had no equipment of its own. He spent hours running back and forth using his own gas and generator to charge neighbors sump pumps, cell phones, and other emergency equipment in an effort to keep his neighbors safe, all while responding to multiple emergency calls. After the Hurricane, his son Justin joined the department and was one of the first new firefighters to graduate from Firefighter 1 for our department

in over 10 years. His son then went on to also join the First Aid Squad. John, his son Justin and his wife Debbie dedicate a huge amount of their free time to our department. John is at every fundraiser, and whether it’s cooking 500 hamburgers at the town’s July Fourth celebration, or showing pre-schoolers how to ring the fire bell on our 1970 Mack engine during Fire Prevention Week, he and his family are always there to help. He is an amazing asset and an amazing person with an inner strength and commitment to our town and the people that live in it that is unrivaled.”

Check out the winners in each category and some of the other great entries below: