Firefighters can do little to control their exposure to toxic substances that adversely affect health. They can, however, mitigate that exposure through sound practices like wearing SCBA, cleaning PPE after incidents, not smoking, exercising, sleeping better and eating well.

landing-page-thumb-360x482-V2There is the monumental task of better understanding the biological  mechanisms  that  make  firefighters  ill.  Added  to  that  mix  are  fire service cultural issues that may resist beneficial equipment and behavioral changes. And there are political and legal forces at play in  the  battle  to  decide  what  impact  firefighting  has  on  our  health  and  when  benefits  are  awarded  to  those  with  job-related  health  problems.

In this brief guide from FireRescue1 and Fire Chief, we’ve zeroed in on firefighter cancer. We begin with a piece that helps explain some of the latest research on firefighter cancer. We follow that up with two pieces on how firefighters can protect themselves with their PPE.

This guide will provide you with information on:

• 8 ways to protect against cancer with PPE

• How to rid firefighting PPE of contaminants

• Featured resource: Cardiovascular & Chemical Exposure Risks in Modern Firefighting Interim Report – Summary

Download the Guide to Cancer Prevention Through PPE below.

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